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Our history has deep roots

More than 80 years ago my Grandfather Luigi, who had a great passion for trees, planted the first Pine and never stopped.

After him my father Emilio also continued to plant Pines and I will certainly also follow this family tradition.

Year after year, the passion for these magical trees has given life to a majestic pine forest.

Here is why we call ourselves Le Pinete BnB.



Hi, I am Claudia and I welcome you.

I am a person who loves traveling, cooking, art, reading, discovering new things and getting to know different people and cultures from all over the world.

I had a past as a “tourist”, today I consider myself a traveler who loves to find small and original hotels and BnB that make me feel the true essence of the place where I am. Unlike the classic and impersonal tourist hotels where they treat you as one of the many customers.

I look for places where I feel treated like a guest

I created Le Pinete Design BnB with the aim of making travelers from all over the world feel at ease by offering them a unique experience in a place very dear to me.

I built it in a majestic PINE WOOD that surrounds my Grandparents’ House in Viggiù, where I spent many summers and weekends during my childhood running around in the park and organized fantastic barbecues when I was a girl.
Opening the doors of this secret corner of my heart was, I can say after 10 years of activity, the most amazing adventure I have ever done.


Hi, I am Alberto.

For 15 years, I toured the World alone for work. I lived tossed between rooms, sleeping in horrendous guest house but also in super-luxury hotels where you feel like one of many and human relationships are resolved in pure formality.

Lying on an uncomfortable mattress, I imagined how “MY PERFECT ROOM IN MY IDEAL HOTEL” would be.

A welcoming place to feel at home while traveling. I would have liked to enter the room and smell clean. Being able to enjoy a coffee at breakfast exchanging a few words with someone.

In 2001, I met Claudia. We discovered we had so many things in common: we love animals , we like to travel and explore. We are passionate about wine and we like to have fun at the table.

Today my dream has come true. Here our Guests find everything I wanted to have during my stays and much more!


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Le Pinete Design BnB

Near Varese, 70 km from Milan, nature stages one of its best representations. A marvelous park, a magnificent pinewood and ten hectares of a wonderful wood of fir, chestnut, ash and birch trees.

Colors that change with the light and the seasons, a shadow that invites you to walk and to stop, explosions of flowers and scents of Nature.


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Via Le Pinete 2, 21059 Viggiù (VA)

mail: info@lepinete.it
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